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Using Our Historical Rental Reports to Determine the Rental Values of Your Subject Property Over the Years 

These reports can be very valuable when used for divorce, financial, real estate, tax, and litigation purposes regarding the actual or potential rental valuation of specific residential  properties. We can document residential rental market trends, as well as historical rental pricing comparisons for many years within the Bay Area. We can search any one year, or group of years, as far back as 1992. It is not unusual for our professional clients to request Historical Rental Reports that search blocks of time over a 5 to 10 year period for their particular property. 

For 28 years, Bay Rentals has specialized in providing the most accurate and detailed information available on residential rental properties including single family homes, townhouses, condominiums, duplexes, multi-plexes, apartments, flats, lofts, and even cottages.

Give us the address of your subject property, and we will analyze the pertinent data we have available, based on our search parameters. We will then provide you with a professional estimate of how much your subject property would have rented for during that particular year, based on our historical database. We will include side-by-side comparisons with similar properties that we used to justify our conclusions. There are significant differences in the year-to-year comparisons of Bay Area rental market conditions. We can show you how these past changes in the market would have affected the rental value of your particular property, whether that property was ever actually a rental or not.

There is no limit to how many search-years your request can include. You will receive an individual rental report hard copy for each year searched, as well as a summary cover page. We will always inform you of how many comparable properties we have for each year on your report before you make a commitment to order it. We do all of the background work, and provide you with a custom-tailored report within 24 to 48 hours. 

Pricing for historical comps reports is $100 per year searched. If you have the need, we can also provide you with an expert witness to testify in court on your behalf regarding residential rental values in the SF Bay Area since 1992. Please visit our Expert Witness page for more information. 


Contact Ron Stern or Cindy Maschke at (408) 244-4900  or  (800) 706-7878 for pricing and more information, or to place an order.

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